I’m so excited to bring you Nash’s book! I had a TON of fun writing about Harvest Ranch’s most mischievous twin! Check it out HERE.

Harvest Ranch is alive and well in Nashville!

Emily Mackenzie can’t live up to her brother’s superstar status. She lives and breathes her country music, but performing? Not so much. It terrifies her, especially when she heads to Nashville to pursue her own dreams and meets with a storm of criticism. How can “Little Miss Harvest Ranch” sing about love when she guards her elusive heart so jealously?

But guess who isn’t terrified of anything?

Nash Slade. The city he’s named after is getting on his nerves. After seeing the shady side of his business, he’s ready to call it quits and return to Harvest Ranch… until he meets up with Emily at her performance turned disaster. He always had a thing for Emily, so when her manager explains that the uptight beauty needs some help tarnishing her spotless image, he’s more than happy to offer his services.

This reckless cowboy wouldn’t mind a kiss or two from those normally disapproving lips.

As for Emily, pretending to date a bad boy is the easy part. Keeping her fragile heart out of his reach is something else altogether! He’s way too good at playing the perfect boyfriend. And Nash might have a thing or two to teach “Little Miss Harvest Ranch” about facing her fears, but why is this country innocent the one who has him stumbling over his words and checking his wild pulse at every turn?

As Emily gets ready to hit the stage at Harvest Ranch, they’re both about to face the performance of their lives… especially if they think that they can fool anyone into believing that what they have isn’t real.

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