Sooooo excited to announce that my book is finally out! I really loved writing this one. You can find it HERE (and on KU–sorry for that mixup)!

Here’s the blurb:

Sky swore that she’d never set eyes on that stormy Grey Bridges again!Imagine her surprise when she runs into that double-crossing, adrenaline junky at Harvest Ranch. His smoldering gaze sparks in her the same tumultuous feelings that doomed their last fiery relationship.

The only reason that Sky had agreed to work as the talent manager for the famous country singer, River MacKenzie, was knowing that Grey was sequestered away in the wilds of Brazil… far from her.

And now he’s back! How much can her heart take? This former Navy Seal has brought with him mysteries and danger that embroil the two in a strange adventure that strands them together in a fight for survival. The last place Sky should be is alone with him and her traitorous feelings, but she has no choice, but to seek shelter with him.

No worries. She’ll stay strong against Grey’s accidental charm. And if he wants to rekindle the embers of their past? Sure… as long as she makes him pay for breaking her heart.

Check it out HERE