Are you in the mood for adventure, romance, laughter, and love? Well, I’m absolutely thrilled to announce my NEW project: “In the Pursuit of Haven!” Get your hands on the preorder HERE!

The sad, honest truth is the only thing I’ve never tried to run from is Jessie. And I should’ve! I should’ve listened to my furious Aunt Haven and ran and ran.

My path first collided with Jessie’s during those memorable summers I spent with my beloved aunt at Baker’s lighthouse, nestled along the enchanting Salem coast. For me, Salem isn’t just famous for its witch trials; it’s my second home, a place where I celebrated the most magical Fourth of July of my life–the night Jessie and I got stranded on Brown’s island during a cold, stormy night. Throw in warm arms that match the warmth of Jessie’s eyes and forget those family feuds over that stupid pirate treasure, I was hooked!

I’d never seen my usually calm aunt so angry. Buried treasure, mysterious maps, and pirates are a thing of the past, right? At least they should be. And besides that, what Jessie and I have defies everything and everyone.

That’s what Jessie and I are… or used to be.
 The years have a way of distorting the truth and digging up family skeletons that are best left alone. The very thing that brought us together is tearing us apart, and I’ve had enough. If Jessie wants to pick up that war that our families started all those years ago with that treasure, then I’m going to finish it… even find that buried loot myself and do what I do best, run!

And if Jessie tries to catch me? The storm that blew out the sky the first night we kissed is going to be nothing to what’s going to happen between us!

The book reads as a standalone, HOWEVER, if you haven’t had the chance to read the first book in the series: “In the Pursuit of Eden,” be sure to pick it up HERE!