Go-Indie Guide (Tips on how to self-publish)

Okay, so I love INDIE!
I love indie movies, indie songs…and my recent love? Indie books!
Normally I make it a point not to get too deep or informative on my blog, BUT this is an emergency, people. I have friends—and friends of friends—who just found out that I indie-published my first book. And now they want to know how to do it themselves. But the thing is I had A LOT of help from…friends, so I brought these Indie authors here on my blog to help us know how.

Table of Contents (click on the topic you’re interested in learning more about)

Introduction of our Indie Authors: CLICK HERE.

Day One (First round of questions, and…go!)
*Why Go-Indie?

Day Two (Paperback Writer; creating the ‘look’ for your ‘book’)
*What service did you use to print the paperback version of your book?
*What do you expect after you’ve downloaded your book on Createspace/ or any other service?
*Who did you use as your editor? Where do you find a good editor?
*What did you do for your cover? Did you use a service? A friend? Software?
*Formatting your paperback. Did you do it yourself? How? Any helpful sites you looked at? How much do they cost?

Day Three (ISBN, LCCN, COPYRIGHT. Oh my! Three things you need for your book)
*What are an ISBN, LCCN, and a copyright?
*How did you get your ISBN, LCCN, and copyright? How much did they cost? How long did it take to get after ordering it?
*Is there anything we should know about an ISBN, LCCN, or Copyright?
*Why would you buy your own ISBN instead of getting a free one from Createspace? Pros? Cons?
*What about a copyright? Did you think it was important to buy one or not?

Day Four (Marketing, Distribution, costs, royalties…Hey, wait, we get money?)
*What did you do for basic marketing?
*What did you do for distribution?
*What is the cost of self-publishing a book? How do you keep costs down?
*Royalties and the like…

Day Five (Let’s talk Boring…I mean Business)
*Did you use the service you self-published through as your publisher or did you make your own publishing company/ name/ imprint?
*Why would you get a business or not?
*What sort of business license did you take out? If so, how much did it cost? Where did you find the forms?
*Now that you are selling books, what do you have to do for taxes? What about sale’s tax?

Day Six (Ebooks, where the real money is at –get your money for nothing and your chicks for free…)
*What sites do you upload your ebook?
* Formatting your ebook: what software do you use? How? Helpful sites? Any books on it?
*How did you make sure that your ebook was formatted correctly on the different sites where you uploaded your book?
*Did you use a service to format your ebook? Who or where? How much did it cost?
*Is it true you need a separate ISBN for your ebook, and where did you get it?
*How much do you price your ebooks and why?

Day Seven (Going Indie. Well? Was it worth it?)
How was your experience with going Indie?
Any advice you’d like to give to us newbies?

Now, you can do me a favor. Read a good Indie book lately? To review Good Indie Books, CLICK HERE.

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