Porter’s Angel — My New Release

Working on Porter’s Angel has been such a labor of love! I’ve enjoyed every minute of getting to know Porter and Angel, and I think you will too.

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Get ready for a good old fashioned Twin Switch at Harvest Ranch!

Cadence ran away to Harvest Ranch to escape her troubles in Nashville. She’ll do anything to save her unborn baby from his influential father–a rich and powerful womanizer who ruthlessly tries to hunt her down. How did she ever believe that he once loved her? Cadence thought she’d be safe at her friend’s home in the middle of nowhere, except that the only other man who knows her secret somehow followed her here, and he’s a no-good playboy!

How did he find her?

Porter promised to keep his friend’s plants alive as a favor while she’s away, but instead he’s stunned when a breathtakingly beautiful woman is staying at the apartment and tries to clock him in the head with a lamp for trespassing. When Porter realizes that she’s mistaken him for his twin brother living in Nashville, he decides to have some fun. After all, what better way to get to know this mysterious house guest than with a good prank?

But who is this gorgeous stranger?

As Cadence falls in love with the friendly inhabitants of Harvest Ranch, she begins to understand how precious a gift this sweet little life inside of her has become. At the same time, she makes a wreck of Porter’s normally fearless and undisciplined heart. The anguish in her deep brown eyes haunts him. She’s hiding secrets, but he can’t get through her defenses. Porter needs to tame his wild ways and show her that he’s the kind of man that she can trust before it’s too late.

When trouble follows Cadence to Harvest Ranch, will she turn to the strength of Porter’s waiting arms or will she run again?

*In this Harvest Ranch novel, celebrate the joy of life, the worth of a soul, and a love worth saving.


Excerpt from Nash’s Songbird

Happy New Release week! Thank you everyone for your good vibes and support! You can find my book HERE:

In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from my book:

A loud crack sounded behind her as the rodeo gates flew open. She turned, wondering if she looked like a mouse waiting for a lion in a gladiator fight… or was this a bull? Would Nash really send a bull out to save her from singing “The Star Spangled Banner” by crushing her to death?

She stepped back.

A horse charged from the gates, a wild one by the looks of things. Nash whipped the reins from side to side, galloping straight for her.

Her breath came back to her in a deep whoosh, filling her lungs as effectively as if he’d done CPR on her. Once again, he sure had succeeded at distracting her. Everyone else, too! The crowd cheered in expectation of what was going to happen to Little Miss Emily Mackenzie.

Nash rode for her with the fury of a thousand suns. Once he reached her, he pulled back on the reins. The horse reared up. This was either a show horse or one used for saddle bronc, but Nash was a cowboy through and through. He knew what he was doing. He held out his hand to her. “Get on.”

She couldn’t just ride away from here, could she?

He beckoned her toward him again. His smile broadened, showing the full devilish mischief that she’d seen on Nash’s face plenty of times before, like he didn’t care what any one of these people thought of this strange spectacle. “Trust me. Get on.”

She reached for him. His larger hand closed over hers, and he dragged her up onto the saddle in front of him, just as easily as he’d done to her with his motorcycle. The cheers were earsplitting now. He pressed his lips against her hair to find her ear. “You ready for me to destroy that prissy reputation?”

Before she could argue, he plunged his heels into the horse’s flanks and headed straight for her banner to the sound of raucous cheers. These people wanted a show, and he gave them that and more. He burst through the banner and snatched at the ends, carrying it sailing through the air behind them as he took her to the middle of the arena.

That’s when the fireworks exploded over them.

Pulling back on the reins, he leaned into her. She twisted to meet his eyes. They glittered under the flashing fireworks above them. Something in his expression mesmerized her. She felt his hands in her hair next, though this time, he stole her hat. He used the large brim to shield their faces from the spectators. His heavy breath crashed with hers. “Kiss me,” he said.

Her heart shot to her throat. Her gaze slid to his lips and the familiarity of that cocky lift at the edges with a part smile, part expectation. His other hand found her waist. Oh! She wanted to kiss him so bad.

“Kiss me,” he repeated, softer this time, more urgently.

Her lips needed to only travel a breath before they met his. Throwing out her reservations, she closed her eyes, surrendering to the pull between them. She felt his soft mouth over hers. Sparks shot through her at his touch.

She was in deep trouble.

Did he feel that current of attraction running through them, too? Her hand somehow found his widow’s peak before her fingers slid into his thick hair. It was cut shorter than his twin’s, but there was still enough to hold on to as he gave her the kiss of a lifetime. She would’ve fallen through the floor had she been standing.

She knew the moment that he’d taken away the cowboy hat from their faces because the crowd gasped, then cheered. She recognized the sound of cameras going off.

Her face felt flushed, not to mention her raw cheek felt the brunt of his facial hair. She grinned. And yeah, this might be a fake exhibition for the naysayers out there to see, but wow! That moment sure felt real to her. She liked every second of kissing Nash. He knew what he was doing. Too much.

Darn it!

“You’re making rescuing me into a habit,” she whispered to him.

“You call this rescuing you?” he asked. “If that’s the case, Emily, I’m here for you whenever you need me.”

A microphone was pushed up at them. An older cowboy had made his way over with a cordless mic and now he held it out to her, like it was all part of the plan. Her heart didn’t seem to crawl inside itself like it had the first time. It was too wrapped up in Nash.

She took the microphone.

Nash surprised her by kissing her again. She responded to his demanding lips with a building fire that ran through her, almost as powerful as the adrenaline pouring through her at the upcoming performance.

He pulled back, his chest heaving with his breaths. “Girl, save that for the Fourth of July!”

Did he mean that he meant to kiss her then, too?

The crowd sure seemed to think so! She couldn’t really see them, but what she could hear was supportive. Nash ran his fingers down her back and nodded encouragingly to her.

Taking a deep breath, she brought the mic to her mouth and just went for it. She belted out the notes to “The Star Spangled Banner.” Her fingers clutched tightly to his. Her back rested securely against his chest in a protective cocoon of him. She wouldn’t mind performing this way every time.

Anyone would excuse her breathlessness as coming from his kisses, and in all honesty, that might be why she was sounding a little husky.

She realized as she finished that she’d felt a lot of excitement, but hardly any fear. How could she? This just felt like a dream. She whipped around to study Nash, to really see him. He grinned.

“You did great, songbird!”

Nash was very proud of himself. He was the reason she’d been able to let go. A rush of affection overcame her, and she squeezed his fingers entwined with hers. And before she could take it back, she agreed to their reckless plan. “Yes,” she breathed out.

“Yes what?” He turned the horse around to take them back to Mia waiting in the sidelines. She noticed that he was smirking.

She laughed in return. “You know what I’m talking about!”

“I just want to hear it from you.”

She bit down her smile as the older cowboy ran after them to take the microphone. As soon as he did, she nudged Nash. “I want to um… be with you more.” He was right. Mia was, too. Faking a relationship would help her gain some footing with her audience, and maybe that might help her find her confidence, just like she had tonight.

“I thought you’d never ask.” She heard the laughter behind his voice.

All pretend… never mind that she’d never felt anything more real in her life. But she could enjoy what they had. This was Nash—he’d make sure that she did.

She gulped. Maybe this was playing with fire.


My NEW RELEASE is out!

I’m so excited to bring you Nash’s book! I had a TON of fun writing about Harvest Ranch’s most mischievous twin! Check it out HERE.

Harvest Ranch is alive and well in Nashville!

Emily Mackenzie can’t live up to her brother’s superstar status. She lives and breathes her country music, but performing? Not so much. It terrifies her, especially when she heads to Nashville to pursue her own dreams and meets with a storm of criticism. How can “Little Miss Harvest Ranch” sing about love when she guards her elusive heart so jealously?

But guess who isn’t terrified of anything?

Nash Slade. The city he’s named after is getting on his nerves. After seeing the shady side of his business, he’s ready to call it quits and return to Harvest Ranch… until he meets up with Emily at her performance turned disaster. He always had a thing for Emily, so when her manager explains that the uptight beauty needs some help tarnishing her spotless image, he’s more than happy to offer his services.

This reckless cowboy wouldn’t mind a kiss or two from those normally disapproving lips.

As for Emily, pretending to date a bad boy is the easy part. Keeping her fragile heart out of his reach is something else altogether! He’s way too good at playing the perfect boyfriend. And Nash might have a thing or two to teach “Little Miss Harvest Ranch” about facing her fears, but why is this country innocent the one who has him stumbling over his words and checking his wild pulse at every turn?

As Emily gets ready to hit the stage at Harvest Ranch, they’re both about to face the performance of their lives… especially if they think that they can fool anyone into believing that what they have isn’t real.

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Sooooo excited to announce that my book is finally out! I really loved writing this one. You can find it HERE (and on KU–sorry for that mixup)!

Here’s the blurb:

Sky swore that she’d never set eyes on that stormy Grey Bridges again!Imagine her surprise when she runs into that double-crossing, adrenaline junky at Harvest Ranch. His smoldering gaze sparks in her the same tumultuous feelings that doomed their last fiery relationship.

The only reason that Sky had agreed to work as the talent manager for the famous country singer, River MacKenzie, was knowing that Grey was sequestered away in the wilds of Brazil… far from her.

And now he’s back! How much can her heart take? This former Navy Seal has brought with him mysteries and danger that embroil the two in a strange adventure that strands them together in a fight for survival. The last place Sky should be is alone with him and her traitorous feelings, but she has no choice, but to seek shelter with him.

No worries. She’ll stay strong against Grey’s accidental charm. And if he wants to rekindle the embers of their past? Sure… as long as she makes him pay for breaking her heart.

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Faith-filled Christmas novel with a touch of suspense

So excited to share my sweet Christmas Redemption story with you. Snowed in at Silver Mountain is finally available

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Pax Fisher rummaged through his bag for his cell phone, carefully reaching around his gun all while Faith smiled sweetly at him. Her full red lips were distracting. Who was he kidding? Everything about her was distracting.

Flakes of snow glittered in her blonde hair under the florescent lights. If the place hadn’t borrowed so heavily from her cheery disposition, the cabin would remind him of one of those foul destinations he’d find in all those campy ’70s horrors. Her coat swished as she rummaged through the closet and pulled out bedding. “There are coats in here that might fit you too,” she said. “Some of the other rangers left their old ones behind.”

He nodded. Faith was quite the accommodating hostess. She kept a running dialogue on helpful tips and how things would be for him up here. His eyes kept sliding to her Bible.

What would he have done if Faith hadn’t followed him back into the cabin? He wasn’t sure how he would’ve convinced her to come with him without a fight, short of throwing her over his shoulder. Fortunately, she’d made things very easy when she mistook him for the Search and Rescue ranger who had come to replace her. He’d been lucky. For now. The real ranger would come eventually. Pax would have to work fast. He dug out his phone.

“No cell phone service,” she warned with a laugh.

“What?” he muttered. “There was in town.”

“It’s amazing what a twenty minute drive will do.” She shrugged and began to peel off her coat. She was dressed in the usual ranger nondescript colors, but nothing could hide her feminine curves.

He gulped.

“You’ll get used to the peace and quiet after a while… either that or go crazy.” To demonstrate her point, she crossed her eyes. They were enormous, and strangely adorable in her playfulness. She smiled again and watched him with no suspicion, like she kept all her naivety packed in those swirling blue depths. She put away her coat in the closet and heaved up the heavy blankets to throw beside him. The pillows came next. “I’m sure you’re used to the quiet life by now.”

If she only knew. “Yeah, you get used to staring at the same four walls,” he said.

“Probably a lot like prison, so I’ve heard.” She cleared her throat uncomfortably.

Of course, she was thinking of her brother, not him. He studied her, not seeing many resemblances to Jody. The guy had nondescript brown hair, but Faith’s long hair was so blonde, it was almost white and she wore most of it in a messy ponytail. She was beautiful, but then again, Pax always knew that. But seeing her in real life? It was… surreal. She bit down on those impossibly lush lips, watching him with an interested, curious expression. He was glad that he didn’t have to tell her that he’d come for her necklace yet.

“You from Texas?” she asked.

He tried to focus enough to answer. “Dallas.”

That would explain the accent. My bro—” she trailed off.

“What?” Though he knew exactly what she was hiding.

“My brother lives in Dallas,” she admitted.

Yeah, they’d been cellmates at the federal prison where they’d both been sent. Jody had told Pax all about the “family heirlooms.” His cellmate had stolen the jewels before he killed that guy. In fact, the creep who’d tried to mess up Jody’s sister wasn’t after drugs. He was going for the jewels. And this girl had no idea. Faith played with the chain of her necklace, not knowing she wore millions of dollars around her neck.

“Where are you heading after this?” Pax asked her.

“Well… I’m taking a research job for the winter. I might be there longer than I like though because”—she sat against the arm of the couch, looking suddenly despondent—“I’ve been searching for rare animals to prove that the rangers are making a difference at the park, but… I wasn’t successful, so I might not get my contract renewed, which is really depressing.” Her eyes dropped to the floor.

He was intrigued by the passion that she always seemed to have. She was fairly dripping in it. Seeing her in person was no different. He couldn’t help prying. “You really like it here?”

She nodded vigorously. “I love it.” He didn’t doubt it—the natural beauty of this place was where she belonged—he might not fit here, but she did. He couldn’t tell her that. “Other jobs might pay better, but I feel like this place is a part of me,” she said. “It’s hard to explain, but it’s so different from where I grew up, and I can barely bring myself to leave.” She shrugged off her gloominess. “If you see a white bird with a scarlet stripe across its head while you’re up here, take a picture of it. You’ll save a lot of our jobs, including mine.”

“I’ll do what I can.” Silence stretched between them.

Hudson’s Heart sneak peak

She shivered. The orchard was freezing out here under the moonlight. Thanks to Hudson’s brother, neither of them had a jacket. His arms immediately went around her to stop her shaking. “You’re cold?”

She nodded and his grasp tightened on her. Her heart raced. If anything, she was shaking more at his touch. He ran his fingers down her arm and she felt herself go weak. Why was she giving him all the power to pull them closer together or divide them further apart? She was the clay and he was the sculptor. She felt herself melting under his warmth. She’d relax against him, but there was an intention behind his touches. She turned to catch his eyes glittering under the moonlight. His breath grew uneven. Was he going to kiss her?

His eyes closed, so did hers. He grumbled something under his breath and squeezed her tighter. “We shouldn’t… be…” he said, huskily.

She cracked open her eyes. “Be what?”

“Uh…” He blinked as if coming to his senses. He pulled back and she listened to the saddle creak under his shifting weight. What was stopping him? He clearly was attracted to her. They’d always connected. Was she really that wrong for him? They owed Hudson everything, their freedom from West, their present ease, even this happy Cider Carnival was due to his generosity. And the fact that he’d take no payment or gratitude? Well… he wanted nothing from them. Once again, he hadn’t darkened their doorstep for months. Anything they offered would never be enough. The familiar pain gnawed at her stomach. She had a lot to give… the least of which was her heart.

“We need to get back,” he muttered. He still dutifully held her close to keep her warm. He rubbed down her prickling arms, his thumbs making circles over her exposed skin.

Mimi fought to catch her breath. She had all sorts of curses for those twins right now. She’d rip away from Hudson, stalk through the orchard to escape his overbearing presence, but… she was cold. And to be honest, she loved his protective arms too much.

The two of them broke from the trees towards the apple stands where her black-haired momma gave out cups of hot cider. Mimi was sure Hudson was in a hurry to drop her off, but he still held on to her like someone might try to wrestle her away. Mimi, on the other hand, felt beat up—her emotions did, anyway—like he’d truly rescued her from bandits.

Momma was in deep conversation with Hudson’s parents. Hudson’s mother, Lily, was a tall woman with hair so blonde that it was hard to tell the white from the gold. Lately she’d seemed tired and now was no exception as she leaned against her husband. She smiled serenely and sampled the apple fritters. “Oh, Kris! You’ve truly outdone yourself. I could die happy after this night!”

His father seemed less engaged, especially when he glanced up and spied the bedraggled newcomers on the horse. He frowned darkly. Hudson’s hands tightened over Mimi. She didn’t have time to wonder what his father’s displeasure was about before Hudson was sliding off the white stallion. He lent her his hand next. His face seemed both resigned and rebellious.

“Hudson,” his father called out in a harsh voice. “I thought you were taking your nephews out?”

“Tell that to Nash and Porter,” Hudson grumbled. His gaze rested on her and his tone softened. “You okay?”

She nodded, but she wasn’t about to let him get away that fast. She found his hand. “I owe my rescuer an apple fritter, at least.” Maybe she’d take him inside and figure out exactly what was happening between them. His father’s stern looks only added to the mystery. Jase Slade had looked much the same way at the waterhole. What was up? “We never devised our revenge,” she whispered. “And you promised we’d get your brothers back. I won’t rest until we do.” At the very least they had to discuss the “bring a friend to work” day.

Hudson hesitated.

In another moment, she’d have sneaked him into her parents’ cute little ranch house where she’d grown up, except for a shrill voice that cried out in excitement.

“Hudson!” Kylee suddenly came out from the shadows to claim him. No one would ever accuse the little tart of being cold in her adorable red knit stocking cap and matching scarf. Her yellow jacket hung saucily over her plaid skirt and black stockings. Okay, yeah, Kylee could complain about being a little cold in that. “I came!” She pushed Mimi to the side and wrapped Hudson in her demanding arms. Her sapphire eyes narrowed over his shoulder at Mimi, who stiffened at the challenging glare.

Oh no, she didn’t! Kylee knew exactly what she was doing, didn’t she?

After trying to show Mimi her place, she bestowed a bright smile on Hudson. “You promised to share a hot cider with me. I need it!” The blonde stepped back, never letting him go. Yeah, Kylee knew how to wrap a man around her every little finger. Poor Hudson didn’t stand a chance against her charm. For once, Mimi wished she was a little better at flirting. Kylee never would’ve allowed herself to stay unkissed in that orchard.

Hudson met Mimi’s eyes and cracked a sober smile. “We’ll have to figure out our revenge later.”

She nodded. “Of course.” Her disappointment gnawed its way through her, but it was for the best. She’d narrowly escaped another close call. Hudson was too lethal to her pathetically weak heart. She wouldn’t bother him again.

My romance, “Hudson’s Heart” is HERE!

My sweet little country romance, “Hudson’s Heart” is finally available on Amazon HERE! I can’t tell you how unbelievably fun it was to write this book. Mimi and Hudson will always hold a special place in my heart. Hudson is a tough cowboy with a soft side, and Mimi is sassy and ready to fight for her man. So hold on to your horses, friends, because you’re about to have the read of your life with their cute little love story. Check it out and get ready to fall in love!

River’s Song: Spring Flings and Engagement Rings!

MY BOOK, “River’s Song” IS OUT! It’s a cute small town romance tailored for those Spring lovers out there 🙂

Will this country star rediscover his passion for music when he meets a spunky small-town girl with a tragic past?

The only thing River MacKenzie hasn’t messed up in his life is his singing career, but when Nashville’s latest rising star wraps his car around a telephone pole after a party gone wrong, he has to turn his life around or lose everything.

Retreating to Harvest Ranch to launch a comeback tour, River meets the genuine and sweet Liv Bridges–a single mom with a momma-bear heart to match. Too bad Liv also happens to be his music manager’s ex. Even worse, the picture she snaps of River could end his career for good. Now he has to play damage control while proving to Liv that he’s a changed man.

The trouble is that spending time with Liv feels like a good old fashioned love song, and he can’t get that stupid tune out of his head… or out of his heart.

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Vampires–my inspiration for my New Orleans Book

Vampires, vampires, vampires! I honestly never thought I’d be inspired by vampires when I wrote this short contemporary romance for the “Love in the City” box set, but when I decided to set my book in New Orleans, I realized that the place has a very rich historical legend about vampires. And, of course, being the person that I am, I decided to make the most out of it. I put my heroine in a huge Gothic New Orleans mansion where she has nothing but the chilling Vampiric rumors there to keep her company… or so she thinks. Because in all actuality, she is not alone in that house. Dun dun dun. Of course, the novella explores every other wonderful tourist attraction that New Orleans has to offer, including their amazing food, cemetery tours, big band music, and walks next to the Mississippi River. And let me tell you, during the times of Covid, google maps and I were absolute BFFs. With the help of my little yellow stick guy, we tromped through the streets and saw everything the satellite and street camera would show. After that, I interviewed quite a few friends who’d visited and loved the city so that they could tell me about the people there, the excitement in the air, the feel of the humidity, and the smell of the Mississippi and Gumbo wafting through the streets, and of course… their vampire tours. Lol.

Check it out here: LOVE IN THE CITY

I HAD THE BEST TIME WRITING THIS BOOK! And I’m thrilled that it’s almost out–February 16th! A huge boxset with 13 other fantastic authors for ONLY 99 cents!