I’m so excited to share about my new romantic comedy/ dramedy/ suspense, West’s Redemption! It’s been a labor of love (and sleepless nights with the combined work of selfless beta readers and editors), and so I’m thrilled to present my latest book to you HERE: https://www.amazon.com/Wests-Redemption-Harvest-Winter-Romance-ebook/dp/B0BL914G17

Check out the blurb and thank you, everyone!

Grace is about to get real.
You’ve read about all the Slade brothers… but what about the one you’ve grown to… uh hate?

When it comes to enemies, West has them in spades, but his worst enemy is himself. And if despising all his past mistakes was a competition, he’d win that too. He blames himself fully for what happened to his momma, but could running his boss’s shady multi-trillion dollar empire be a new low? If so, Nashville’s most notorious bad boy has just hit rock bottom.

Enter Lauren Garcia–a goody two-shoes, bible toting daughter of a pastor. And if that wasn’t sickening enough, she’s a snoopy journalistic reporter who’s just dying to write her hit piece on his tycoon boss.

West can’t wait to make her hate him too.

But she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve… and the second West tries to cozy up to her, he’s the one whose head is turning.

He’d better reel his fascination in fast before he gets them both killed. And yet, in the face of Lauren’s stunning quick wit and warmth, he’s dismayed to find he’s lost all control when the sparks between them start to fly.

Sure, Lauren might be the only one with the healing touch to rescue the tattered remains of his broken heart, but can West really change his wicked ways for good or is he about to get what’s coming to him?

It’s time to turn back to his roots at Harvest Ranch and beg his brothers for some help before it’s too late.