Vampires, vampires, vampires! I honestly never thought I’d be inspired by vampires when I wrote this short contemporary romance for the “Love in the City” box set, but when I decided to set my book in New Orleans, I realized that the place has a very rich historical legend about vampires. And, of course, being the person that I am, I decided to make the most out of it. I put my heroine in a huge Gothic New Orleans mansion where she has nothing but the chilling Vampiric rumors there to keep her company… or so she thinks. Because in all actuality, she is not alone in that house. Dun dun dun. Of course, the novella explores every other wonderful tourist attraction that New Orleans has to offer, including their amazing food, cemetery tours, big band music, and walks next to the Mississippi River. And let me tell you, during the times of Covid, google maps and I were absolute BFFs. With the help of my little yellow stick guy, we tromped through the streets and saw everything the satellite and street camera would show. After that, I interviewed quite a few friends who’d visited and loved the city so that they could tell me about the people there, the excitement in the air, the feel of the humidity, and the smell of the Mississippi and Gumbo wafting through the streets, and of course… their vampire tours. Lol.

Check it out here: LOVE IN THE CITY

I HAD THE BEST TIME WRITING THIS BOOK! And I’m thrilled that it’s almost out–February 16th! A huge boxset with 13 other fantastic authors for ONLY 99 cents!