Snowed in with an ex-cop for Christmas while she’s running from the law.
This might not end well.

Charity is not feeling herself these days.
After all…

  • Is it charity to take off for Christmas break without telling a soul?
  • Is it charity to suspect her brother-in-law of foul play?
  • Is it charity to steal his car?

She doesn’t care. Charity will give up everything she has built of her life to save her sister’s son, even if it means the end of her career as a social worker. Driving to meet someone who can clear her name, she gets stuck in the snow with her nephew and they must face the elements and go by foot.

The only man who can help them is an ex-cop who’s turned his back on the world. Will he turn his back on them too? He must work through tragic loss and a horrible miscarriage of justice; she must learn to love again after facing a past of childhood trauma.

Will their feelings for each other heal their hearts before trouble strikes again?