So today, I’m getting ready to do edits on my latest book, “Snowed in at Silver Lake.” And I’m just going to have to admit that I am horrible at switching tasks and reorienting myself. I’m in the draft phase of another book that takes place in New Orleans, and I’m LOVING the draft phase and so to put on the brakes on this current project to go back to another one is a Herculean undertaking. By the way… it really ALSO be hard for me to go back to drafting after I’m done with these edits. I really have a hard time switching focus.

So let me share a few tactics (and PLEASE feel free to comment and share a few of your own).
1–Put down social media and/ or set an alarm to make sure you are done by a certain time (yes, this includes writing this blog post).
2–Open the new project. Sounds weird? Maybe, but I can’t tell you how many times I failed to do my work that day because I could NOT even get myself to open the project.
3– Make your first goal. For example, mine is, “I will go through this first set of comments from this reader first, etc.”
4–Set a timer for five or ten minutes and work on that goal. This helps get your body and mind used to the transition.
5–If that fails, find an accountability buddy to report to (and put stars on your forehead if need be!).
6–Rewards. Our bodies and minds are very used to receiving dopamine rewards by scrolling through social media, eating sweets, and spending money and getting almost instantaneous results. This makes it harder to do long term projects and enjoy the more subtle rewards of creating, sooo I do my best to find joy in the new task and at times find artificial rewards until I can get there… which takes me about thirty minutes, I’d say 😉

So happy refocusing today, everybody!