I just LOVE Release Day–there is nothing like sharing the book that you’ve had so much fun writing with the rest of the world!

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And just for funzies–I’m thrilled to share an excerpt of my Billionaire Ghost Tour with you:

Mollie’s hands tightened on the seat of the chair where she sat at the front desk. This was going to be a longer night than usual doing the ghost tours, but she made sure that the sudden pit of dread worming its way through her insides didn’t show on her face. Janson Styles wouldn’t get to her like he had last time.

He moved closer to her. Man, he had that walk down—not quite a strut, but more like he had all the time in the world as he walked languidly towards her front desk. Mollie pretended that her heart wasn’t beating out her ears. Instead she found the check-in book as he peered down at her over the counter.

“Huh.” His lips tipped up into his not-quite smile as his gaze ran all over her, almost insultingly slow. He didn’t bother to hide his interest… or disdain, or whatever it was. “You took my advice, Red, and got some color in those cheeks.” His thick, manly accent drew her in, almost as much as the charm behind it repelled her. “You must’ve known I was coming.”

Mollie straightened angrily. “Oh yay, it’s the drug dealer. How’s Breaking Bad going for you?” The insult against his pharmaceutical company slipped out before another one toppled from her mouth. “Or is it Joe Exotic now, plaid shirt?” He stilled, and she took a steadying breath, trying to fetch her professionalism back, though she guessed she’d already been fired. “I mean, how can I help you?”

He blinked. Once. “Oh, I don’t know—I figured you were the perfect person to show us where all the weird things are in this town.”

Her fingers clenched, and she glared up at him. “Well, I’m looking at one. Does that count?”

“No, no.” He clicked his tongue. “I’m paying good money for this, Red. You’re not putting me off as easily as you did last time.”

She sucked in her breath. What was that supposed to mean? Could he possibly have thought back on that date they’d lost as much as she had? Impossible. No man liked to be tortured. Janson’s forehead wrinkled as if he suddenly regretted his words, and he rubbed wryly at the back of his neck.

“Oh, this is so cute!” His model friend picked up a Day of the Dead family of miniatures. The woman danced over to Janson and dangled the miniature in front of him. “It is so creepy,” she cried. “Only its mother could love it.” Mollie immediately noticed the dragonfly ring on her finger before the woman flitted away to look at more unusual knickknacks. So that’s where the famous Molinero ring had ended up. The amethyst bodies and emerald dragonfly wings glittered in the candlelight. Everything was a cruel reminder that nothing in Janson’s world belonged to her, including his heart.

She straightened. Where were these thoughts coming from? Mollie loved her life. Her choices had led her to the experiences and friendships that mattered most to her, so why not let bygones be bygones and try to redo her unfavorable first impression… or second impression of Janson? He clearly was over their fight. She should be too. Janson still stared at her over the counter and she attempted a smile and held up a pen and a clipboard with all the waivers. “Sign in.”

“What for?” He leaned over the counter. His fingers poked out from his thick gray half gloves and they caught hers first before he got hold of her pen. His touch sent a flame of awareness through her. “Am I signing my life away or my soul?” he asked.

He was talkative tonight. She pulled away from him, rubbing her fingers together, trying to forget that his hands had completely dwarfed hers. “Maybe you should read the fine print. I can’t give everything away.”

His brow rose at the rate that others smiled, as he collected the papers from her, too. She tried to avoid all skin contact this time, though he hardly seemed to notice. His breath came out harder as he concentrated on the waivers, his brow furrowed. No one ever read through these things. She hid a smile and tried to forget how cute his sudden earnestness was. Stop thinking that way! For goodness sake—that’s probably his girlfriend with him.