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Nothing goes according to plan.

Jovi Klyde hops a plane to the remote town of Dyersville, Iowa to outfox his scheming ex, Hannah. Years ago, she dumped him after he blew his shoulder, along with his promising career with the Cubs. Now that gold digger is out to tie the knot with his brother, a newly successful Wall Street financial advisor. Over Jovi’s dead body.

Willow Bonney is her best friend’s maid of honor. She’s crushed when she finds out her handsome partner-in-crime at the TSA is none other than Hannah’s crazy ex from Chicago. The bride has one desperate plea: distract that man from her wedding!

But “Clyde” is much too charming and “Bonnie” much too interested. As their intrigue and attraction builds, only one thing remains certain: nothing goes according to plan.