71aJvl4-hPLFirst off, I’d like to share that I have an interview on Writer CEO about taking off a year to write full time. And thats’s here.


And secondly, I’d love to share how that happened. I met Colleen Story from the Writer CEO at a Storymaker’s writer’s conference a few months ago. We sat down to eat lunch and I was chowing down on this amazing meal (I was  on a diet at the time and EVERYTHING was amazing, haha).  Fortunately, Colleen was super good at connecting with everyone around the table and even managed to break through my hunger and bad table manners to get a really interesting conversation going. Immediately, I recognized a kindred spirit. Colleen was thoughtful and inquisitive and asked me all about “my story” and how I got to be a writer. I told her about how I was taking off work for a year to write full time and she was very supportive and interested in how I got to that point. And that’s when she surprised me by telling me that she was teaching a class on her book, “Writer Get Noticed.” And how it was meant for authors like me who are working on their author platform and how to standout. Friends–THIS is what writer’s conferences are all about! I was super excited to meet someone who knew so much about what I was going through and who might have tips on how to get where I wanted to go.

Long story short, we discovered that we had A LOT in common, from writing musicals to our entrepreneur spirit and we struck up a pretty good friendship. And that’s when she asked me to do an interview for her blog. She told me that a lot of people dream of striking out on their own and trying to be a fulltime writer–even if just for a year–and even though my story isn’t super glamorous and perhaps even a little embarassing and pitiable (because HONESTLY, why haven’t I done this sooner?), I was happy to share it in the hopes that it might help anyone else in a similar situation that I was in. So, here’s to NEW FRIENDSHIPS, NEW DREAMS, NEW ADVENTURES, and a NEW LIFE!

And again, check it out here: https://writerceo.com/taking-a-year-off-to-write-how-this-romance-author-did-it/