Hello everyone! Can you believe this beautiful weather? Beach days, hiking season, and lazy summer days are on us! Meanwhile, I feel inspired to write, write, write!

I’ve just finished up the first draft of my latest novel and have given it to my beta readers! I will be announcing the title and its release date SOON… it’s pretty good if I say so myself! I’m now on chapter 3 of my Billionaire novel that I’m writing with Gelato Publishing, and it’s been a lot of fun so far. Let’s just say that my plans to write full time are coming along nicely!

Can I tell you though? I know NOTHING about how a billionaire lives! At least with my characters 🙂 I’ve been researching yachts and all sorts of water toys for this new book, not to mention security intels and Texas Hold’Em. And now I’m getting all snobby like, well, a million dollars won’t buy anybody anything… you DEFINITELY have to have a billion. Haha. Anyway, they say write what you know, but I think… well, that was before google searches.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this! As Julian Smith says–“I made this for you!”