​I am SUPER excited to announce a BRAND NEW book!!!! Out of the Mouth of Babes!

crunched coverHere’s the blurb:

Gina won’t have anything to do with that guy who played with her heart the night of her sister’s wedding—he’s a heartbreaker—no matter how much her niece and nephews adore him now. The two come from different worlds–Gina’s a workaholic career woman; he’s the irresponsible flirt. Whenever they meet, there are fireworks–and not the good kind.

​That is, until her sister wins a cruise to the Caribbean, and Gina is thrown in the path of that frustrating “player” to share the responsibilities of watching her niece and nephews for 2 weeks.

​Everything goes topsy-turvy when their two worlds collide, but considering how much each of them turns the other’s life upside down, could they actually be RIGHT for each other?

Purchase it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K1QDL7D/

I’d LIKE to thank Jacqueline Fowers, Kristi Linton, and THESE fabulous leg models for this cover!

And a special shout-out to Shannon Cooley my editor; my sister Lucinda for her Facebook Posts that inspired this AND for being my ARC reader; and to my sister Jacqueline for being my Alpha reader and asking for her daily “chapter”; and then for ALL of my Beta readers this time around:  Candace Fowers, Rachel Hancock, April Rudd, Sandra Barton, Amy Bawden, Jonathon Timothy, Kelsey Hancock! You made this possible!!!