glimpsesWell….I had a bit of fun lately! The amazingly talented Craig Nybo has gotten me out of my creative stupor for a bit and invited me to write lyrics for his album “Glimpses,” in which he asked about 13 local authors to write lyrics for their books (or upcoming books in my case) and then he put music to it and Voila, we’ve got an album!

And let me tell you I am SO SO VERY HAPPY WITH MY SONG! I wrote lyrics for my upcoming dystopian novel “Doolittle Saves the World,” based on the Pygmalion tale of a flower girl in a steampunk world who is recruited by Higgins (lead singer of a band of musicians who are slave to the queen’s EVIL EMPIRE) to uncover an evil plot hatched by few half-robots to…save the world as we know it!

So in case you’d like to hear it for yourself, pre-order a copy here at Craig’s kickstarter, “Glimpses” and take a listen to the other songs as well. You won’t be sorry 🙂