For those who are going to the Indie Author Hub conference on Saturday and would like to learn how to turn that Microsoft Word Document into an epub and mobi, it’s not too late.

Just make sure you come prepared (or you won’t learn a thing).

Please read the following instructions to know what to bring for class. In the following link, you will find 4 free programs and 4 documents that you will need to download for class.

You will find them on my blog here:
Once again, this is a hand’s on class, so here’s a checklist of the items that you will need to bring to class on Saturday for maximum learning:
*laptop (your own)
*microsoft Word (program on your laptop)
*notepad (program on your laptop)

internet explorer (program on your laptop)
AND then please download the following 4 free programs (the links are found on the blog that I’ve provided above):
*kindle Previewer
*Adobe Digital Editions 2.0
*Notepad ++
Finally, download the following 4 documents (these will also be found on my blog and the link is found above)
*Rapunzel, html to practice on
*Rapunzel, html to practice on (what it will look like in notepad)
*INSTRUCTIONS on how to make this into an HTML
*Kindle html commands FOR STEPHANIE

And that’s it. No need to study the material beforehand, we will go over it all in class.

See you there!