I am dedicating this blog to my friend Teyla Branton. She’s a fellow author. See HERE. She worked with me for seven hours straight to help me learn HTML a few Saturdays ago (while she mailed her books across the country, drove her kids around, postponed dinner, etc.). And I am wildly guessing that she probably NEVER wants to put seven hours into this again, and I actually DON’T blame her. Sooo, I decided to take everything she taught me and now I’m teaching it to you! I’m a firm believer that one good turn deserves another, teach a man to fish, what goes around—comes back around, etc, etc, etc. So for those of you who are DYING to know how to make an ebook using HTML, let’s do one together, shall we?

Things you will need for this tutorial:
(Hopefully you have these already)
Microsoft Word
Internet Explorer
The next programs, you might not have already, but they are all free downloads.
Calibre: HERE
Kindle Previewer: HERE
Adobe Digital Editions 2.0: HERE
Notepad ++ (only for the bit in the end with the containing folder, not necessary, but helpful): HERE

I’ve decided for this tutorial that I will use one of my short stories. I really don’t mind if I give it to the world, so here it is (download all four of these attachments below, just click on them, it will take you to a weird page, and then click on them again and save them into a convenient folder):

Rapunzel, html to practice on

DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS on how to make this into an HTML

simple instructions html

Kindle html commands FOR STEPHANIE

INSTRUCTIONS: Okay, the document, “Rapunzel, html to practice on” will be the file that you will turn into an ebook.
In the document, “DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS on how to make this into an HTML,” I will show you how to take the document, “Rapunzel, html to practice on” from Microsoft Word to a Web Page Filtered file where we’ll work on the html with notepad and internet explorer. (NOTE: I’ve already cleaned up the document– I STILL provided instructions on how to clean your file when the time comes to turn your own novel into your own ebook). THE instructions that I provided will tell you how we take it from its web page filtered file to Calibre, and then make it into an ebook and test the mobi on kindle previewer and test the epub on the Adobe Digital Editions.
The document, “Simple instructions html” make things super easy in a step-by-step approach, but if you’d like more detail (especially with cleaning up your document, etc.), see DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS.
And finally, the document “Kindle html codes for Stephanie” are html hot codes that my friend sent me that have been really REALLY helpful with formatting my Twisted Tales Series.
So, on that note,  take a go at it! And the best of luck to you! I hope this will streamline the process! And let me know if any thing is cloudy and I’ll try to make it more understandable.
Also, for a SUPERIOR and detailed Calibre/Start Tag tutorial. See Teyla’s site (I highly recommend this site, she’s a great author and smart too boot): HERE