So, last Friday was fun.

Yup, we woke up oober early in the wee dark hours of the morning, drove to Sundance, froze to death in 7 degree weather, stood/ sat in a line for about three hours in a black box, walked outside for a bit where I exchanged glances with Jane Seymour and quickly turned away because I didn’t want to stare at some random girl who I thought looked familiar, but… “Hey, was that Jane Seymour? Wait, she’s in this movie?” And moments later realized that Bret from Flight of the Conchords wasn’t actually so short (so Jermaine must be a monster). And “Hey, Bret is in this movie too?” We also discovered Ricky Whittle—we didn’t know he was an actor, but he was really good at posing for pictures…but not for ours because we didn’t bring a camera. Darn! Oh, and I also realized that my sister loves JJ Fields and knows his name because she grabbed my arm and told me. And that’s when I saw his side profile when he turned away. And “How come I didn’t know the guy from Northanger Abbey was in this movie too?” Dash everything, now I really wanted to see this show.
These were the extent of our adventures because after that, we went back inside the black box to wait for another hour and joked about being the first people to get turned away…only to have it come true. Why or why? Sandra was #23, Jack was #24, and I was #25…and that’s where they cut off the line. So basically, I blame Jane, Bret, and JJ for taking our seats. Thanks guys!

And that just proves it—Sundance oozes drama. Usually Sundance is about chatting it up with volunteers and talking about the inversion with out-of-towners, freezing, and other forms of torture. The normal MO of audience waiting in these lines consist of filmmakers dressed in black and grey, staring at their laptops. If you don’t have tickets (who does?), you ‘usually’ get into the movie if you come four hours early, though you want to leave seconds after the movie starts. Heh. Heh. Heh.
It is usually NOT about stargazing. Heck, I didn’t think I would recognize any actor out of context–but then Jane’s an exception. It also isn’t about seeing the new thing—even though guys, I saw Napoleon as a short. Oh yeah! But that was at BYU, not Sundance, so I guess that doesn’t really count.

So, why do I put myself through this kind of torture? Well, one, it’s tradition, and two, my sister’s in film school, my cousin’s into casting, my brother’s an awesome cinematographer, and I’m a writer, so we’ve got dreams of making our own movies…and putting them into Sundance. Our favorite thing is to see their worst movies and thinking, “Hey, we could do that!” So really, it’s probably a good thing we didn’t get into Austenland. We might actually want to see this movie in real life, or at least on Netflix, and we can’t have them stomping on the dream.