bread crunchedSo, my “Twisted Tales” Series is coming out, and to celebrate, I decided to do story time. Yup. These are short stories I wrote back in the day–they were inspired by the children I worked with at an elementary school a long time ago.
Aw, those kids. It was 2005, I was fresh out of college, and I was looking for a job to support my writing habit. That’s when I found myself in charge of some first-graders. One of them was a boy who wouldn’t eat. The goal was to get him off a feeding tube, so I’d sit with him at lunch and try all sorts of tricks to make him take a bite of his sandwich. I made his sandwich dance. I made the sandwich plead with him to eat it. I tried to make it run away. Nothing was working . . . until I started the ‘story’ game. I’d tell a story then stop at the most suspenseful part and refuse to go on until he took a bite. Then as he chewed, I’d tell some more. As soon as he swallowed, I stopped and made him take another bite before I could go on again. And so it went like that, but it wasn’t too long until the other first-graders started to gather around our table to listen to the stories too, and then some second-graders joined us, then other-graders. It turned into a regular story time until the teachers had to take action because no one was going out to recess. What? So, I’m a bad influence.

When the kids found out I was a ‘real bonnified’ author with ‘real bonnified’ books out there, they started asking for my autograph. I felt bad because they’d ask me about my books like they had every intention of buying them, but my books were a little too old for them, so I decided to write some kid stories for them to read. I based them on our ‘stolen recess time’ stories, and planned on doing something with the tales and dedicating it to them and everything, but life got in the way. Whoops.

Soooo, now I am going to do it. And since many of these stories are based on fairy tales, I think it’s a perfect way to celebrate my upcoming release of my ‘Twisted Tales” series (which once again, might be a little too old and scary for first-graders). Whoops again.
So, this week, here’s my first story about Rapunzel (a very hairy, very sarcastic tale that has nothing to do with love, so why would it conquer all?). Click here.