ImageMe again! Well, I’m looking at the last time I wrote. September? Whoops. I missed out on some good writing material—my thoughts on haunted houses, scary movies, pumpkin pie, my new Supernatural craze, and a Christmas break that tripled as my nieces’ wedding and a reunion. Yup. Busy. So, who didn’t write about it? Uh me…

So, NOW that I’m emerging from my cave (at the pleas of my mother), let me tell you what I’ve been doing! ‘Twisted Tale’ edits. Lots of them! This is my series about some arrogant faeries who toy with the lives of my poor ‘put upon’ characters. It’s coming out next month! Hey guys, three books to edit, this is officially a huge project. I decided to release the trilogy all at once because there is nothing I hate worse than waiting for the next book in a series…plus then I forget all the characters because of my crammed mind. These books are MEANT to be read in order. We’ll see how this little experiment goes, shall we? Check out the series here!

Also, another bit of exciting news! ‘The Raven,’ a musical I have been working on for about five years with Hilary Hornberger is also about to see the light of day. It will be workshopped in Calgary, Canada. Yeah, Canada! See here. With so many projects in the works, do I feel overwhelmed? Haha, you bet I do!

But New Years always brings out a special ‘something something’ in me, a ‘Try again, idiot!’ attitude. So, here I am! I am DETERMINED to get a blog out! So stay tuned for future blogs to celebrate the release of the ‘Twisted Tales’ series, and ‘The Raven,’ and whatever other crazy project I’ve got going up these sleeves of mine!

Go New Years!