Hello all! So here’s the latest music video we made for the LDStorymaker writer’s conference. The winner of the lyrics’ contest was Michelle Jefferies. Sandra Barton directed it, and Jacqueline Fowers was the director of photography. I did the singing and wrote the screenplay for it. So let me end the suspense now and give a shout out to Michelle, Sandra, and Jacqueline; they all did a fantabulous job!

We had a really fun time putting this together. The actors were a blend of friends from work, writer friends, actor friends, film friends, and friends who are just plain friends (credits are on the youtube page). They were all wonderful!

We filmed this on two Saturdays. The day we did the fairy tale portion was a rainy one. I’d costume our actors and send them out the door into the rain. I DID have every intention of joining them out there, but by the time I had their costumes on, a new group would come back from filming and would need their costumes off. Yay for Sandra and Jacqueline who took over for my slack!

The second Saturday of filming was a beautiful one. My writer friends came from all over the place and brought their families. We trekked through downtown Salt Lake in the middle of a marathon where Jacqueline took all sorts of pictures for the stop motion animation portion of this video. Sandra posed them, and I held the bags and fetched water. Yes, a glamorous job!

Then we went up to Ensign Peak where everyone put on their best ‘I’m in a band’ impression.

Now, I’m about to take away the glamor of movie making and reveal that the work did NOT stop there. That’s right! I got the honor of cutting up all the footage while Jacqueline (still reeling from finals) pulled some late nights to edit and do graphics. She eventually had to pull an all-nighter because the music video was due the next day…

In vain, we attempted to burn a DVD…and they kept coming out pink. No idea why. So, with the help of our film friend (Weston–also the wolf in this video), he taught us how to use a more sophisticated DVD burner, which we didn’t use…because we were running out of time, so we just dumped it all on a flashdrive.

After a lovely drive with Jacqueline and Sandra to Provo, we set the video up in the bookstore at the LDStorymaker’s writer’s conference where poor Scott Wright had to listen to it play on a loop for two days straight. Sorry, Scott!

All in all, it was a fun experience. The thing I love best about film (and it’s DEFINITELY not the editing) is working on a project with my friends and being able to share it with as many people as I can. I thought everyone involved did an AMAZING job. So, with that in mind, check it out!