Today is the day that we’ve all been waiting for!

1–My book “Prank Wars” comes out on Amazon (paperback, kindle…and other formats if you’re so inclined). 

Check it out here:

AND 2—I announce the winner of the great Kindle giveaway!

Alright, so I’ve come to find out that my judges have a completely different sense of humor when it comes to pranks. They each gave me their top favorite (in secret ballots) and OUT OF THAT LIST, they each only agreed on ONE! Yes, they jointly agreed on ONE PRANK ONLY, folks! I think that just proves how much fun your pranks are (and of course, how different my judges are—which is probably why we had the best prank war ever when we were roommates/ neighbors, haha).

They all told me that it was EXTREMELY hard to pick a favorite because reading through the lists of pranks was hilarious. You did not make it easy!

So, first things first: Honorable Mentions for the best pranks (these are the ones that two out of the three judges agreed on):  Becky Olson and the snowball.  Jackie Silverstein and the MC Hammer poster. Amy Dahlke and the Hogwart’s acceptance letter, Carissa Fowers and the crazed Rice Krispy eater (I think they just liked it because my niece is certifiably crazy), Amie Aycock and the upside down bedroom, Shani and the fake missionary disease, Tammy Stephens and the mysterious voice from the bedroom floor, April and the flushing toilet, Aaron and the neighbors retaliating with a bagpiper at 5:00 am, and Nate and the princess tea party!

And what would a contest be without Runner-ups! I decided since our judges had such different tastes that their #1 favorite on each of their lists would each win a paperback copy of my book (I thought an ebook at first, but then I realized, hey, if our friends are entering a contest to win a kindle…they probably don’t HAVE ONE! So, a paperback it is).

1–Erika’s favorite was: Danielle Knight and the pregnancy tests

2–Vanessa’s favorite was Sarah and the smiley face thong (it tied with Danielle’s conference one—I think we can see what makes Vanessa laugh).

3–And Larissa’s favorite was Rachel Jensen and the life sized cut-out (she also loved Danielle’s auto-correct when she used ‘orchestrated’ instead of ‘scratched,’ but that really wasn’t a prank…well, maybe on me, but, haha).

Danielle, Sarah, and Rachel—you each win a paperback copy of my book!

I could go on and on about who got second on their list and blah-de-blah, but I think you get the point, you’re all brilliant 😉


The ONE prank they all agreed on was, “Debbie and the Cemetery Prank.” So, Little Debbie, our little prankster friend—well, I guess the prank was done to you, wasn’t it? But no matter—you WIN the Kindle!

I’ll email the winners and get your home addresses to send your prizes out to you. THANK YOU for participating! And THANK YOU for the laughs. You rock!