As promised, we are holding the GREAT Kindle giveaway to celebrate the release of my book, “Prank Wars” through Amazon!

My judges for the prank war contest are well-qualified. Vanessa, Larissa, and Erika—don’t you love how their names all end with an [a]? Back in the day (yes, I said ‘back in the day’), they were our fearless generals who led the pranks in our apartment complex to sure victory.

Vanessa is a prankster who flies under the radar. Remaining anonymous is her greatest weapon. While other people get the blame for her covert ops, she continues under the anonymity of her cover by filling about 900 Dixie cups full of water to block bedroom doors, and crushing newspapers to make paper mâché to block front room doors.” All I can say is…seriously? That was YOU Vanessa! See her blog. Click here for her blog

Larissa is the queen of anbesol—you know that stuff that numbs your mouth? She put it on chapstick, toothbrushes, and around the rim of milk jugs.  She is also known to go undercover as a crazy stalker, writing clever poems to her favorite guy friends, declaring her ‘stalkerish’ love for them. Her many exploits did not escape retribution, however, and at times she would be mummified by toilet paper on her way home from school.  Click here for her blog.

Erika (whom we sometimes refer to as the stealth bomber), is the author of such pranks as dipping cottonballs in chocolate and adding them to a plate of real chocolates, toilet-papering her victim’s homes while they sat there, built a cinderblock barricade in front of an apartment door (made sure there were no finals that morning), and turned a black firebird into a very cute Care Bear cloud car. Click here for her blog.

The Rules are simple. Write your favorite prank (one that you did or was done to you) under comments in this blog, Keep it short to a few sentences or a short paragraph (this is not an essay contest), but make us giggle. You can enter multiple times BUT you must separate your entries as a separate comment with just ONE prank each. Anyone can enter and have a chance to win—my best friends, my worst enemies, my family, my writing friends, strangers, my exes, former roommates, anyone! So go for it! We reserve the right to delete the comment if the prank pushes the bounds of legality and/ or is just plain bullying. As we all know, pranks are silly things you do to your friends to get them to laugh, so that your friends know you love them (so make sure your pranks fall under that category)!

The deadline for the contest ends February 5th at midnight, and we will announce the winner of the contest the morning of February 14th (the day my book “Prank Wars” comes out)!

The winner will win a kindle. This one: Click here to see it

This will come with a free download of my book, “Prank Wars!”

Good luck! And may the games begin!