So, life has been crazy the last few…

I think I finally came to that realization after I worked on my carpal tunnel all day trying to put the finishing touches on the latest draft of the “Raven” script for a reading we were doing last night. We absolutely HAD to do this reading because our composer, Hilary, is leaving for the cold lands of the North and we won’t get her back until March when we do auditions, etc..and of course we waited until the night before she left us (um, I’ve got excuses if you need them).

Anyway…I dimly realized around 12:30 am (while we were still waiting for our composer to get home from a date) that I had NOT gone to bed before midnight for the majority of the last week. Even more maddening, my coworker from my ‘real job’ was absolutely right when she told me that no matter how many times I planned to go to bed on time that I never never would, so I should stop dreaming about it and enjoy life as is. I vowed I’d prove her wrong, but as you can see, I really haven’t…

For a good laugh though (and because I love tangents), I really want you to picture my night last night:

Hilary runs home from her date around 1am. Jack and Alex each claim a couch to be our perfect audience members. And then Hilary (in the throes of the worst cold in the history known to our apartment) sings all the songs to our musical with a dying voice. I’m reading all the lines and acting out all the characters (much to the chagrin of our poor neighbors since we have many dramatic death scenes)…and Jack and Alex ‘rest’ their eyes and ‘fight’ the good fight against sleep as the night drags onto the wee hours of the morning . It’s a good thing our musical is the best musical in the world…and totally worth it. Plus, it was the best send-off for Hilary, who doesn’t go to bed until three or four every night anyway.

But yeah, the last few months have run pretty much like this. I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say that after staying up until 5:30 in the morning, and being way too emotional during the kid’s primary program at church today, I realized…I am very excited for Thanksgiving break…because I am doing NOTHING! That’s right. absolutely nothing!

My sister and I have plans to make no plans. I hope this doesn’t mean that we’re going to starve, but there is something absolutely delightful about just staring at the wall and drooling out of the corner of my mouth. I’m thinking about making a fort out of blankets in my living room and watching a cheesy movie marathon…and maybe figuring out how to score a pumpkin pie, walking the streets of Salt Lake. Uh, now I know these are dangerously close to making plans, so I won’t go too overboard with these ideas, but I HAD better not catch Hilary’s worst cold in the history of our apartment because I plan on enjoying my plan of no plans, even if it’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do.