Experience NOT required!

We are looking for volunteer college-age actors and actresses to appear in a trailer for Stephanie Fowers’  “Prank Wars.”  All actors will receive copy and credit as payment. The trailer will be featured on the author’s and Triad Film Production’s websites.

The production and auditions will take place in Provo, UT.  Email for location. Actress and Actor playing the main parts of Madeleine and Byron must be able to make both film dates to be considered.  All other roles only need make the Oct 29th film day to be considered.  For more information on Stephanie Fowers and her books please go to stephaniefowersbooks.com

Thank you!

Audition date: Oct 15, 2011

Filming dates: Oct 29th and or Nov 5

To request an audition time, location, or for questions, please send an email and a recent snapshot of yourself to triad.film.productions@gmail.com, under the subject of Prank Wars. Please state what part you are interested in playing and what time between 10am and 1pm are best for your audition.

Please bring a recent snapshot of yourself to your audition.  At the audition you will be required to do a cold read of some of the fun lines from the actual book trailer!

Character descriptions –

Byron: older college age, dark brown hair, leader of the guys in this Prank War, charismatic James Bond type
Eric: college age, blonde hair, smooth talker
Twins (Adam and Blake): college age, blonde hair, mischievous
Madeleine: older college age, dark hair, melodramatic
Tory: college age, long red hair, takes herself too seriously
Sandra college age, brunette, high maintenance, hates her pranking roommates
Thanh college age (Japanese, Chinese, Korean descent) black hair, grad student, vulnerable, smart
Liz college age (African descent), black hair, elegant, the voice of reason