Yep, there comes a time in a writer’s life when she has to be adventurous, and this is it! I’m going e-book with Prank Wars! E-book is a new frontier—kind of scary with a few pitfalls, but let’s be honest; Prank Wars is doing absolutely NO GOOD in my computer when it needs to be read. I’ve received some great letters in my inbox or on my facebook asking when Prank Wars is coming out, and I’ve decided it’s time to chart a new frontier and make that happen!

THEREFORE, the Deadline for the Prank Wars ebook will be February 2012. So bookmark my blog for updates! We’ll have votes for a cover, contests, book trailer try-outs (you know me, I’m crazy that way), and lots of fun-filled promotions!

‘Prank Wars’ is a romantic comedy; Madeleine Doggett’s life is all war and no love, but she’s been hurt too many times in the dating scene to let the infamous Lord Byron beat her in a huge prank war that has taken over their lives. They’ve had their deserters, their POWS, their casualties, but no one can break or the worst can happen, Madeleine could lose the war of the sexes. But now something strange is happening in Provo, and it’s not just the students. Buried beneath the pranks is a devious conspiracy that threatens their very lives. The only other person who suspects is Byron, and she will never join sides with him…even if he’s the only one who doesn’t think she’s crazy.

I want to publicly thank all of you for all your help with ‘Prank Wars’ (which I will do, but more in depth on my acknowledgments page on my ebook), BUT FOR NOW I’d like to Thank:

*Provo City Towers for letting me come and tour their site over and over again (for reasons that will be revealed in the ebook)

*BYU physics teachers and various engineers from Utah (for attempting to make the science behind the book realistic)

*Lots and lots of friends who suggested I use their ‘real’ life pranks (your pranks were so awesome and crazy that I was accused of not being realistic or very mature…which I LOVE)!

*My 20 + coworkers in the Westech scanning and print room who provided me with all sorts of wonderful inspiration and who allowed me to name characters after them (someday I WILL write a book about our paper flipping days too, I promise!)

*Not to mention the alumni of the now disbanded 73rd Ward—LOVE YOU guys! Without you, ‘Prank Wars’ would not have been possible.

Furthermore, if this proves to be a great adventure, I may do more of these ebooks, which will mean more books at a lower price and coming at you faster—which means; writing will never be more fun!