First thing’s first. If you insist on going to the Harry Potter Premiere at midnight, you’re going to need a wand. The only problem is there aren’t any wand stores in Salt Lake…and we don’t have a yard with trees…or consequently branches. So last night around ten, we found ourselves in the park dressed as snatchers. Now for those worried about three girls wandering around in the pitch black woods in the middle of the city in search of a wand, no worries. WE WERE SNATCHERS! In case you’re not an avid Harry Potter fan, let me explain what a snatcher is: they’re really hot guys who wear plaid pants, combat boots and emo make-up and chase Harrry Potter in the woods. And they NEED wands! Needless to say, we were the scariest things out there. So after confiscating our branches, getting chased by an old man vigilante, and shouting “Cheese it! Cheese it!” to my sister in our way-too-high-profile getaway car, we were ready for our Harry Potter premiere.

As soon as we got to the theater, we KNEW we made the right decision to come as snatchers. There were Harry Potter kids everywhere just ripe for the snatching. Our fellow snatchers swaggered to greet us, and we prepared them for battle (applying emo make-up, tying red bands on arms, the usual). We ducked a Hagrid guy on stilts, glared back at Severus, took a million pictures, and all the while, the schoolkids jumped out of our way, whispering ‘Snatchers.’ I’ll be honest, we were geeked out; it was way better than Halloween.

Before we knew it, we found our seats (and although we didn’t snatch any Harry Potters—security was daunting and ice-cream was calling—we did sneak a picture of a really cute Harry Potter guy). We yawned through a Twilight preview (Jacob taking off his shirt much to the howls of derision from the happy crowd) and then HARRY POTTER FINALLY BEGAN! The excitement in the theater was contagious. I love Harry Potter, but the crowd was the best part about the midnight showing: clapping at every cheesy moment, cheering for Neville, even the obnoxious guy in the back shouting, “You go, girl!” at Professor McGonagall. Of course, much to our delight, the movie even had a little someth’n for the Snatchers out there too!

For those who love the books, I have to say they put the best parts in this movie. I really didn’t have anything to complain about this time around, and whether I caught the contagious excitement from the audience or suffered from lack of sleep, I even got a little teary-eyed at the nostalgic parts—I know strange for a snatcher—but for those who grew up with Harry Potter, we were celebrating the end of an era. I just happened to do it with ice-cream, an obnoxious crowd of larpers, and an ill-gotten wand. What a way to go!