Just finished watching Thor, and though I LOVED watching the bumbling Viking grow a heart…I kinda found it…unbelievable. No, no, I totally bought the part where Thor came from another world, and he was completely invincible with his hammer and could take out hundreds of enemies at a time whilst bantering with his loveable sidekicks. No, it was just the fact that he fell in love in two days…not just a little in love, but HARDCORE IN LOVE! Is it me? Have I changed? Do I NOT believe in love in two days…or have movies changed?  Well, to be honest…I blame movies entirely. What happened to the love montages of yesteryear?–when we could believe two people fell in love so quickly because they had all these wonderful  bonding moments smashed together in one deliciously delightful LOVE MONTAGE!

So, for those who didn’t believe Thor could develop a deep and abiding love for Natalie Portman in two days, simply insert this simple love montage somewhere in the middle of the movie:

LOVE MONTAGE: Scene one: Thor eats an icecream cone. Natalie Portman laughs beside him. The ice cream falls and she makes a sympathetic O with her mouth. He picks it up and tries to eat it; she tries to stop him, but he won’t have any of it. He stuffs it in her mouth and she leans her head back and laughs heartily.
Flash to scene two: Thor and Natalie are running through a field. Thor holds balloons, he loses one and looks sad. She buys him another and he looks happy.
Flash to scene three: Thor and Natalie are leaving a movie, laughing, her hand is in his. She steps in a puddle and looks irritated because she’s ruined her new shoes. He steps in the puddle too and soon they’re dancing all out in the puddle, completely heedless of the mud all over their clothes.
Flash to scene four: Natalie’s upset because she can’t get her physics formula to work; Thor leans over, looks thoughtful, and inserts the missing number to her formula and she smiles again. He gives her a thumbs up.
Flash to end scene of Montage: Thor and Natalie are taking turns trying to get the hammer out of the rock. Thor does a number of silly things with wild exaggerated movements and she’s laughing. Their hands touch when they both try to get the hammer out at the same time. Somehow he slips and they both trip and fall next to the hammer. A touching moment where he picks rock and dirt out of her hair…and then he leans over her and whispers, “I…love…you’ before he kisses her sweetly on the lips.
Touching music cascades as the camera lifts up to the sky and then continue movie.

To be honest, after a LOVE MONTAGE like this, you would never doubt the sincerity of Thor and Natalie’s love. And in the end, when Thor looks soulfully over the bridge and out into the universe, mourning his mortal girl…you’ll feel it and shed a few tears too…because hey, they had a love montage. They’re in love now, and you can’t deny how real it is.