I’m being swallowed by dirty dishes and laundry…and instead of going out and buying all new things, I’ve decided perhaps today….maybe…I might do something about them!  Seeing as I am DONE with my latest draft of the Destroyer! Yup. Title subject to change and all that! But hurray!  I’ve been forcing everyone and their dog to read it  (thank you, friends!). I’ve been sitting at home and doggedly rewriting and rewriting AND CUTTING! Boy, have I been cutting…like a hundred pages. It’s better for it, but oh, it hurts. IT HURTS! Now what will I be doing with my free time, you ask? Uh…well, I’m not quite done…yet. After this I get to help cut and workshop a musical I’m working on with the EXTREMELY talented Hilary Hornberger, entitled, “The Raven!” The coolest musical ever, but at this point just needs a few changes 😉 As in I write LONG, the gift of ‘written gab’ is my burden to bear, haha (who am I kidding?–any kind of gab is my burden).  And then editing–Oh my!–editing a million video projects. And I haven’t even talked about girl’s camp yet! it’s going to be an awesome summer…of dirty dishes and laundry!