Well, I didn’t really post this week because I was fighting youtube…a good and noble battle where my upload kept throwing off my audio. Each day became more desperate as I sat down at the computer and tried to trick the computer and the internet to do what I wanted it to do…until ONE day (today being that day), I sat down and actually read the ‘help’ section on youtube and found out that wmv files had problems with the blah, blah, blah, to make a long story short, I re-rendered the ‘Quick and the Dead’ one last time with constant bit rates on my audio and blah, blah, blah. And with beating heart, waited for the silly thing to upload and voila! Here it is!

What do you get when you mix a western with zombies?–Why, the ‘Quick and the Dead,’ of course. So hold onto your cowboy hats while ‘Triad Film Productions’ takes you on a dead man’s spoof where the good, the bad, and the truly ugly fear to tread.
Starring: Alex Nitz, Alyse Robinson, Amber Rudd, Andrew Avati, April Rudd, Audrie Robinson, Bob Hawks, Brad Moyes, Bryan Robinson, Bryan Snow, Cherie Groll, Chris Bills, David Layne, David Neville, Dave Nilson, Hilary Hornberger, Ian Anthony, Jimmy Mancuso, John Gottschall, Jon Madsen, Jon Florence, Josh Cameron, Kristen Kuball, Mary Haynie, Nicole Pyne, Paul Avery, Rob Abney, Sabree Mickelson, Sandra Barton, Sherry Beckett, Sierra Anthony, Stephanie Fowers, Steve Christiaens, Vicki Robinson, Vivian Wang
Special Thanks to Rachel Winters, Kim Cummings, Daneen Winget, Dean and the Chad Van Wagoner family
Locations: Snake Creek Grill, Van Wagoner Meadow, Heber City Utah
Music by Kevin Macleod