Lately I’ve taken to wearing my ugly shoes. I have no idea if they’re the latest fashion or not—my older nieces and nephews aren’t here to advise me—but I never would’ve worn them in my fashion conscious youth of literally almost  yesterday (which might be a good thing since the styles then were even uglier).  They are pink running shoes and absolutely go with nothing. They’re not glittery or high heeled or wobbly, and they make no tinkling as I walk. In fact, I feel like a marathon runner in them when I’m running to catch trax (since I’m late EVERY day).Today,  I asked my coworkers if they were terrible shoes, and one told me:

“They’re decent.”

Another said: “What do you want me to say? They’re shoes.”

—which means yes, they’re absolutely horrendous, but as we know they tuck their shirts in everyday, so I’m not sure if I can believe them…or want to believe them. You see, I love these shoes! At first I wore them when I absolutely had to—a walk home here, a walk home there—but then  just like sin, the shoes crept up on me until I couldn’t walk away from them anymore. They were just THAT comfortable. And now I find myself kinda jogging everywhere I go…even when I’m not late for trax. I know I shouldn’t do it—it’s highly improper and a little geeky, but there’s something about ugly shoes that makes a girl not care. I highly recommend you get some ugly shoes yourself…if you dare, of course!