It’s always been a dream of mine to have someone bequeath me something in their will, but I want them to bequeath me something that I have to work for–you know–like I need to be married within the month or I need to work some grounds in Ireland. Of course, it might force me to go in disguise as a lowly peasant, but then I’ll find love with a neighboring and equally snobby manor owner who ALSO needs to be taught a lesson and the only one to do it is my snobby self.  Rich people who are dying are always great at teaching lessons. Although to be honest, I don’t want to get into anyone’s good graces to inherit. I want to be the defiant and distant relation who is above being smarmy, but is still so irresistible to bequeath things to.  Also, it has to be a very distant relation who is bequeathing. I don’t want to feel all sad at their passing. It will just get in the way of my adventure when I lose the heel off my high-maintenance stilettos. Of course in the end, I’ll figure out that I’ve really been bequeathed a cardboard box that says Peace on Earth on the back. That would be really fun.

Failing that, I want a college chum to somehow propel me into their harried life by mailing me spy secrets. Oh, and this college chum can’t be close to me, but someone who has wronged me (they were only protecting me), though secretly admired me from afar. And if he’s male, even better..