To tuck your shirt in or not tuck your shirt in?–that is the question–at least it’s the latest debate at work. Many of my coworkers (of the nerdy generation, i.e: not the present) still insist on tucking their t-shirts into their jeans. They are the victims of the eighties and nineties or so I claimed…until I started thinking about it. When did guys ever NOT tuck in their shirts?–except for now…well, during the oughts or zeroes or whatever you call the decade of the year 2000. But NOW we are in the year 2010 (which we call the teens???) And that’s when a terrible thought occurred to me. What if NOT tucking in our shirts is a total oughts/ zero (whatever you wanna call that decade) thing to do? Sure, the early twenty-somethings agreed with my fashion claim…but it’s been about three years since they’ve been out in society–well, school! We could all very well be the fashion victims of the last decade? Of course, this might not be a big deal for those who didn’t even know it was a fashion faux pas to tuck their shirt in the first place, but for those who lose every wikipedia war, this is monumental, people! Google wouldn’t tell us, so now I’m asking you. Are we victims of the oughts? Or the zeros? Or the 2000’s? If that is impossible to answer, maybe at least you can tell me what we call that decade between the turn of the century and the year 2010?–though I’m afraid, even that is a mystery.