Whatever you do!–don’t self-medicate a sunburn with lotion!  I woke up the next day after my ordeal with the DLB (see earlier posts) and my whole face felt like it was made of clay. I rushed to the mirror and saw that my face was bright red and cracked. CRACKED!–around my eyes and lips. Let me get this straight!–I hate pain, but that WASN’T what I cared about at the moment…my face was cracked! Would it go back to normal? I ran into the bathroom and grabbed all the lotions I could find. Do you think the burning and stinging and fiery pain stopped me? Holy Schmoly no!  I reapplied faithfully until I got picked up that afternoon to go to Bath (not a tub–see earlier posts). Bath (by the way) is Lava Hot Springs, which was wonderful despite the haunted hotel we stayed in, the gangs of fourteen-year-olds (then seventeen, then twelve, then six-year-olds) riddling the streets, the disappearing gas station, and getting hit on by ten-year-olds at midnight. To make things more interesting, my face turned redder by the moment, and it didn’t seem like the lotion was helping at all. We had our hot chocolate in tea cups that night after partaking of the good and pleasing waters at Lava Hot Springs, yet all I could talk about was my sunburn–not all that chocolate goodness I was stuffing into my mouth. The next morning I woke up with a burning mask of death and two hollowed out black-ish blue-ish eyes–rivaling any ghost that might call at our haunted hotel. That night (at another surprise birthday), I could barely smile, though I really really tried, but ALL I could feel were the cracks all over my face. And even though my friends won me lots of tokens at Chuck e Cheese so that I could buy a pixie stick at the reward counter for my birthday present, I was beginning to think that the lotion was not working. In fact, it stung like a mamba jamba–which made me realize I was making it worse.  After one scream too many, a truly tenderhearted friend remembered she left one last birthday present in her car–a medicine sample  firemen use on burns. It felt like manna to the face. To be honest, it was the best birthday gift I’ve ever had…not counting the Derek doll I got on my twelfth birthday or the life sized barbie on my 8th! Seriously though, my friends, despite my dying face I had an excellent time! Let’s do it again sometime!