Okay, so I’m what some people might call a little crazy! Rash? Unprepared? My birthday is in about five days and Ill be Umphoomph-oompaloompa years old. That means my driver’s license expires, so I do what every sane person would do. I wait until the last minute until I renew it. That would be today!–because for some reason driver’s license bureaus work less days of the week than normal people do. So I thought, ya know!–I should be health conscious and walk to the driver’s license bureau (henceforth to be known as DLB–who cares what the real acronym is). And so I walked and walked and walked as the pioneer children were wont to do until I got to the DLB…and that’s when I realized my face was as red as a lobster,  my hair was flattened to my face, and there was no bathroom in sight where I could fix my poor ailing self for my picture! A well-meaning girl stopped me in the line–who was clearly more prepared for picture taking–and she kindly drilled me on the many identifications I was supposed to have…which I DID NOT HAVE! To make a long story short: I ran to the bus, called my sister for directions, she told me to call another sister for directions, that sister’s internet stalled, BUT I eventually got home where I picked up my social security card, ran for another bus, called my sister with the stalling internet for more directions, got on another bus, felt my face get even redder under the sun, made people nervous with my sweat, almost plowed down a slow-but-loving couple, got asked out by a guy with no teeth, and made it to the front of the line of the DLB–all in under two hours–and that’s when I found out I also needed a passport and/or birth certificate. The DLB didn’t care that in a few days I wouldn’t be able to drive (if I happened to miraculously buy a car) or that I couldn’t buy groceries with a debit or checkbook with an expired license, so I got back on the bus and took my poor little unprepared self home. But don’t worry! I’ve learned my lesson. I’m going to invest in sunscreen!