So I’ve inherited the title “Blood Girl.” It all started out pretty simple. My sister volunteered me to help out with costumes for this book trailer. And I let them use some of the costumes I used for Macbeth. Well, one minute I’m helping the Orcs look more gruesome and the next minute, the director is shouting for all the villagers to go get their blood on. Well, I was frantic! All of my Macbeth costumes were going to get blood on them for one pan shot. I ran to stop the damage and told my sister I’d put the blood on the villagers…hoping to save some of my costumes and just give people some head wounds. Well, one thing led to another and soon I was in charge of spattering everybody with blood at every moment. Each time an orc would attack, they’d shout… “Blood Girl! We need some blood!” Sure, don’t bother to learn my name. By the end, I looked like I had been in a bad car accident…and I still have fake blood in my nails. Ha ha, it means that I’m going to have to have a hand double for the book trailer we’re working on tomorrow, since I’m merely an office girl NOT a cold blooded killer. I’ll have to provide some pictures…because words can NOT do this justice 🙂