Welp, not much to say except the car tried to take us down with it. We rented a car to get to Washington for the weekend and then when we got home, Jack was going to follow me with our car, so that I’d have a ride back from the rental place. She stuck my bike in the back seat and I left…not thinking that I’d have to wait. To make a long story short, our car wouldn’t turn over and Jack thought she could stop me from going to the rental place…or at least thought she could alert me that I was walking to work from there, so she jumped on my bike and tried to follow me down the hill where I was gas-ing up the car…unfortunately for her, I didn’t have the chance to tell her that my brakes on my bike are kind’a…slow to react. So, she missed getting hit by a car and hit a tree instead. No one, I suppose, can ride my bike but me. I got to the rental and waited and thought, huh, ya know…maybe the car didn’t make it this time…and the rental guy gave me the phone and sure enough, there was Jack telling me she had barely missed death and that my bike was a piece of trash. Luckily, Jack was okay…besides a few bruises and scrapes, luckily, my bike was okay…besides that fact that the brakes are kinda slow, and luckily, work was pretty close to the rental place and I was only two minutes late. Yep, I kinda figured the car was on it’s last legs…as shown by my previous post.

However!!! Going home for Labor Day weekend was a blast in itself. I didn’t know that we were helping my parents move (I thought that had been taken care of), but we got to finish the job…well, no, I don’t think it will ever be finished. Also, I ate WAY too much…and after having such great intentions to be healthy. So, I suppose I’ll have to start that healthy kick today. Oh, and we also made a music video at our place…kind of a nod to Highschool Musical, ‘The Boys are Back.’ Just because our parents are sharing their backyard with a place that likes to look like a dump…soooo, it looked so similar to a junkyard that we just HAD to make the ‘Boys are Back’ video.

That’s it for now! I suppose someday I’ll have pictures to wow you with, ha ha. No, not really.