Soooo, it shows that today’s September 1st and it’s my birthday…but really, that’s tomorrow! Well, anyway for some reason I’m way excited today. I think it has something to do with being able to figure out the cosmos of the internet. I mean, I still haven’t figured out Twitter and I’m a terrible texter BUT I’m one step closer to being truly modern, ha ha.

Anyhoo, I HOPE that I keep this blog better than I keep my journal…but let’s be honest, I’ll NEVER put anything truly personal in it…that’s what my novels are for, ha ha.¬† I will, however, try to keep you updated on my latest writing adventures. I have tons and tons of projects running around in my head begging for me to do something about them…and I figure, sure, why not today?

Quote of the day: “I just had a mini heart attack…and you’re my aspirin.”